Re: How do I get to a notification balloon that momentarily pops-up?

Mike B. <mike9902@...>

Hi Richard,
The keystroke to access a balloon is, Numpad Slash or Left Mouse Click.  You might want to adjust the amount of time the balloon stays on the screen to give you more time to click on it.  To do this try the following:
In Windows 7 it's under "Ease of Access".  Type Ease of Access in to the
search box in the start prompt. In the Ease of Access Center go to, "Make  it
easier to focus on tasks", and hit enter.
Near the end of the options that come up is a combobox with different time settings to adjust the time
that those balloons stay on screen.
I adjusted mine to 1 minute which gives me enough time to find them and
click on them.   
Take care.  Go Rams!
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Sometimes, a notification balloon pops-up telling me about something on my PC.  For a sighted person, they would click on the balloon and would then be taken to the relevant thing.  In JAWS 2019, how can I get to the balloon notification to review it and activate (click on) it?  FYI, I am using Windows 7.




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