Re: jaws19 and copying tekst


The command mentioned brings up Jaws speech history.

If you want to use it for a larger block of text I wanted to add that it makes sense to first clear speech history with Jaws Key + Spacebar followed by Shift + H. Then let Jaws read the text and bring up speech history with Jaws Key + Spacebar followed by H. Now you can copy all or some of the text showing in the virtual viewer.



is the


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jaws + spacebar then h


On 17/01/2019 09:46, William Windels wrote:


I would copy tekst from a webpage that can’t be selected with the cursor.


In Apple voiceover, tehere is a very usefull function for such situations: copying the last spoken blok of tekst tot he clipboard.

In jaws I can’t find this at the moment.\

Is there a script , other function or workaround to copy tekst tot he clipboard that isn’t reachable with the cursor?

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