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Joseph Norton

Hi there.

Well I was able to successfully switch into demo mode.

Just for the curious the way I did it was to go into settings then I went into update on security and then I went in to activation.

Then I had to click on the word windows where it says Windows version I had to click on the word windows five times and I had to use the OCR feature define that word since the Joss cursor doesn’t seem to want to work in settings.

If then proceeded to ask the questions for demo mode.

I don’t mind experimenting with this because this is a computer that I’m using to test different things but you wouldn’t want to do it on a production machine that you are using in a day-to-day activity.


On Jan 16, 2019, at 12:28 PM, Jay <jcoffin@...> wrote:

I’ve never used the demo mode with Jaws, but I’m pretty sure it will work, however with the -puter being in demo mode, there are certain restrictions that apply, for example, you may not be a !install programs on the particular system your using due !restricted access in demo mode, but I could be wrong.


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Hi listers:


Stupid question, I know, but, has anyone successfully entered and/or used the Windows 10 Retail Demo mode with JAWS, or any other screen reader?




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