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David Pearson

Hello again Mike:
I ask this question because I’d like access to  all of the Youtube video keyboard controls(fast forward, rewind,etc.)and informed that this may involve being able to toggle the “virtual pc cursor” on/off.
I should also mention that I’m a one-handed(right) typist using a half-kwerty keyboard.
It has all the keys of a conventional keyboardbut makes liberal use of the spacebar to shift keys normally used by left hand so they can be typed by the right.
For example the /key becomes the letter z by depressing the spacebar, soas a result,  don’t know if capable of performing required key presses  via 2 simultaneous key presses as the spacebar is involved in obtaining the z character.
I’m quite “techno-challanged” having come to this stuff later in life than most(1962 birth year) so really don’t know difference between html files versus others.
Thank you,
David S. Pearson    

From: Mike B.
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 6:06 PM
Subject: Re: virtual pc cursor
Hi David,
Hopefully this will explain it well enough:
The keystroke for toggling the Virtual PC cursor is, Insert + Z.  To tobble it on / off for all applications is, Insert + Z twice quickly.
The Virtual PC Cursor - HTML Environment The virtual PC Cursor mimics the
functions of the PC Cursor, but is activated by default when entering an
HTML document, such as a web page on the Internet.
The virtual PC Cursor speaks the number of elements on the page when it
first opens.
For instance, the number of links, headings, and regions.
You can use the ARROW keys to navigate and read the document, or use
Navigation Quick Keys to move to specific elements, such as paragraphs,
tables, or headings.
JAWS also reads graphics labeled by alt tags in the HTML code.
Take care.  Go Rams!
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Subject: virtual pc cursor
Hello list:

What is the virtual pc cursor used for, what are the key presses to toggle
the cursor on/off, and finally, does Jaws announce this change of status?


David S. Pearson

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