Re: older Jaws on pc

JM Casey

While there's probably no need to keep all your jAWS versions around, I'd
probably keep one or two others besides the most current version. You never
know when something will break with an update, and you might find that you
like the way your software works with an older version better. You can
switch between jAWS versions easily without rebooting your computer or
anything. So yeah, unless you are running out fo space, may as well leave
them be.

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Subject: older Jaws on pc

Hello List:

While scrolling through the programs listed under my Start menu I hear the

Jaws 2019
Jaws2018, and Jaws18. Definitely want to keep Jaws 2019, but is there any
reason to keep the other two with 2018 suffixes, and if not what is the best
method to remove/uninstall them from the pc?


David S. Pearson

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