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that makes no sense at all. JAWS 12 vs. 13 should have no effect on your
deleting and recreating the normal.dotx file.

But regardless of what you did to fix it, at least it's fixed.

Dave Carlson
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Thought I'd let you guy's know what I came up with as a fix for this
problem. Part of the fix for this corrupt file is to delete it
and have Word create a new one when it starts up. But when I went and
followed the steps of deleting this file so when Word opened up it could
create a new file it didn't fix my problem. The new normal file
was created but I still had the same error message about another application
or user is using the file. Since this all started after I tried
this mark feature with JAWS 13 and Word 2010 I decided to isolate the
problem to Word. So I shutdown JAWS 13 and started up 12. Where I deleted again and started up Word which created another normal file. But
now it's fine no more error messages with the file. I restarted
13 and everything worked fine. Don't really know what was causing this but I
had to do this with JAWS 12 to get this file to work with Word.
Just thought I'd let you guy's know what I saw. For what it's worth I
emailed Freedom Scientific with what happened with me today.


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Hello there;
Normal Dot Dot) is the default or global template that Word uses to create a
blank document. is always in use when Word is open, even if you are using another
template. files commonly
become corrupt
you can check out the following link;

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Hello Everybody,

I got a problem with Word 2010. I don't really use Word all that much but
the other day I was trying out the JAWS mark feature in a word document. I
think that this is where my problem began. Here's what it's doing

1) Start Word 2010.

2) Make no entries in the new blank document, just do a alt+F4 to
close Word 2010.

3) This is what the error message says at this point "Microsoft
Word dialog this file is in use by another application or user
(C:\users\veteran\app data\dot dot\normal dot dot) OK button to activate
press space bar".

4) Pressing space bar closes this error message.

5) The save as dialog opens. File name: edit combo normal dot dot
zero items to set the value use the arrow keys or type the value.

6) Pressing escape at this time closes this dialog box.

7) Doing another alt+F4 brings up the final warning message.

8) Microsoft Word dialog, changes have been made effect the
global template normal dot dot do you want to save those changes.

9) At this time I choose don't save and press space bar which
finally closes Word.

A couple of questions:

What's this global template normal dot dot?

What do the dot dots mean?

Has anybody had an experience with anything like this?


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