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sorry if this has been answered, but my shot in the dark:

just curious, which OS was used when the screen readers wouldn't speak
as opposed to when they spoke? if the answer is that the same OS was
used for both instances, then I would guess the issue has something to
do with the system of the display, either it's the drivers not being up
to date or some technical issue.

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Subject: Jaws not reading in an application

I need help from someone with advance Jaws knowledge.

I’ve asked previously about CSS HTML Validator including asking Freedom
Scientific and got a “we don’t know” response.

I’m asking a slightly different question.

Someone I know at Microsoft loaded CSS HTML Validator and had no problem
reading the text that he created or in an existing html document using
NVDA, JAWS and Narrator.

However, on my Windows 10 64 bit system running Jaws 2018 latest updates
of all software, I hear absolutely nothing.

Do any of you have any idea why one program would not read with any
screen reader when on another system running essentially the same
software all screen readers read just fine.

I have no problem with reading in Outlook, Word, Excel, Firefox, Edge, etc.

Any wild ideas are welcome.


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