Re: Jaws 2018 microsoft word document font size


Hi ,

press Ctrl +shift+ coma(,) for decrease font size and

press ctrl+shift+ period (.) for increase font size.


On 12/01/2019 07:35 am, Madano Lanberto wrote:

Try control shift f and tab to font size then arrow down to 16 point. Click ok.
Remember to save your changes.
Hope this helps!

Happy new year everyone!

On 12 January 2019 2:31:44 a.m. "O.Addison Gethers" <o.addisongethers@...> wrote:

Hello All I have desktop computerwith window 10 and jaws 2018  I can’t remember how to get to font size to enlarge it to size 16 for my friend tocan not read small print . Does anyone know how can I enlarged the size in Microsoft word 2007 document ?


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