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You can perform these steps to assign a default application to any file type in Windows.


  • Open File Explorer (WINDOWS KEY-E)
  • Focus on a document for which you’d like to assign a default application
  • Open the Windows Application Menu (WINDOWS APPLICATION KEY or SHIFT-F10)
  • Within the menu, activate “Open With”
  • A dialog opens with a list of applications.  The most frequently used applications are listed
  • Focus on the application you’d like to use
  • At the bottom of the dialog is a checkbox “Always use this app to open (file type)”
  • Toggle the checkbox on so it’s checked (in Windows, SPACEBAR toggles checkboxes)
  • Activate the OK button to save the changes and exit the dialog


You can close File Explorer. Windows will use the selected application for all documents of the file type you just configured.






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Subject: Set Acrobat Reader DC as default pdf reader


I am running JAWS 19 and Windows 10. How can I set Adobe Acrobat Reader as my default pdf reader?



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