JAWS And SuccessFactors Recent Upgrade To Fiori Home Page #jaws

Mark Fisher

Hi, I'm keen to know if any users are involved in working with SuccessFactors, a cloud based HR solution which is part of the SAP suite.
Recently, there has been a push to move all clients to the new Home Page which is based on their Fiori look and feel. This has resulted in a reduction in accessibility via JAWS (Using JAWS 19). Entering the screen will always trigger JAWS to move in to Application mode. Whilst their is stil some accessiblity through a menu and a search box, access to the details on the creen  which is layed out as a series of tiles appears not to be possible unless you use mouse echo mode.
Has anyone else using SF noticed this and if so, can I make contact to look at raising a request with SAP with some support to improve accessibility here. Alternitively, what tricks are people using to get round this?
Mark Fisher
Principal, HR Systems
Water Corporation (Western Australia)
(M) +61 413 887 323

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