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Angie Goodnight <agoodnight@...>

It only happens to me when I misspell something



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This is a really odd one.  I just tried a bunch of copy and paste in a new document in word for office 365, and I had no issues.  I looked in file/account/about and this is the version I have:

Microsoft® Word for Office 365 MSO (16.0.11029.20104)

You might check what version you have and if it is a lower than this see if you can get it updated.


On 1/11/2019 10:53, Van Lant, Robin via Groups.Io wrote:

I have these same issues using Word 2016.  Pretty sure I had the issues with JAWS 2018 and was hoping 2019 would fix it, but that is not the case.  I think I notice this is most likely to start occurring when I’m doing selecting of text to format or cut and paste it.  That is, once I do these steps, the issue starts and exiting and restarting JAWS is my current, albeit annoying, fix.  I’m working on a large document for our executive team and this was really problematic yesterday.  When it starts happening. JAWS does not hold focus for the line I’m actually on.  I can see my cursor is on a blank line, but JAWS is reading text from a line or two away.  Likewise, I can be on a line with text and JAWS will not read it.  The only keystroke that will accurately read what is on the line my cursor is on isInsert Tab.  Refreshign the screen and JAWS up arrow do not work.  I’m trying to recall if Say All works correctly.  I’ll capture specific notes the next time it happens and send them to tech support. 


P.S.  I have Word 2010 at home and think I have seen similar behavior there, but I don’t use Word enough at home to recall fully.









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Hi All,

Microsoft Word with Jaws 2019 does not seem to be reading right. Sometimes it lags skipping words, or lines. When I try to copy and paste it does not read to me what is being selected, or it’s on the wrong line trying to select.


If I close it down, then restart the program it will read ok for a bit then it goes right back.




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