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hello the dell laptops don’t have the touch buttons that you are talking
about. They are much better design using buttons for the settings for wifi,
mute of volume and other settings of the laptop that are found on function
keys on most laptops for controlling the laptop features, on the top
rightcorner of the laptop and they are usable with screenreaders. The model
that I have is the inspiron 5110 with core i5 2.4 with turbo boost to 3.0
with 8 gb of ddr 3 memmory and a massive hard drive which I did not need and
optioned for a SSD 256 gb hard drive which has faster boot up then a regular
hard drive, And I have a massive external hard drive for back up of 2 tb. So
that is how I solved the problem.

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I happen to be a big fan of Toshiba laptops, but in fact all laptops are
made by a few manufacturers and then branded, so it may not matter.

Full'size laptops including keypads are quite common nowadays. Simply check
the description if ordering online or specify if dealing with a store.

If buying hands'on, it´s good to see what kinds of extra keys the laptop
has. Some have capacititave buttons, activated by touch, that turn wiFi on
and off, mute, change volume, etc. If yours has them, you can put dots on
them and use them once you learn their order. It is wise to do this because
otherwise you might inadvertently touch the WiFi button deactivating Wifi,
and not be good at touching the right button again to reactivate it.

To keep this on topic, I'm not aware of any problem you'll face when buying
a laptop to use with JAWS 13. I don't think you can go wrong.

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Hello all,

I joined this list a few days ago, and am pleased to recognize a few names
from other lists and previous JFW lists.

I will be upgrading my Jaws sometime this year from version 8 to 13. I feel
it will be almost like relearning everything, as so much has been added
since version 8.

As part of my upgrade, I will also be buying a new computer, and would like
anyone's recommendations for the following 2 items.

1. I want to get a laptop preferrably with a keypad if such a thing exists.
Otherwise, well differentiated keys, good battery life, and durable. A
full-sized laptop is fine.

2. I am also looking for a small netbook that will have more limited use. I
want the netbook to be small and durable with a reasonably tactile keyboard.
This device does not need to be as new, as I am willing to shop secondhand
for it.

As I know nothing about laptops and small computers, whether they be
netbooks, notebooks or ultra mini PCs, any experiences are welcome. Are
there things I should be aware of concerning JAWS when looking for laptops
or smaller PCs? E.g., video cards, onboard software that might be a problem,



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