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Only recently learnt this tip with pasting attachments to e-mails, and find it much easier than going through the menus.




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I moved from Window Eyes to JAWS about a year ago, at the same time I upgraded to Windows 10.  The JAWS cursor is somewhat like the Window Eyes cursor, but I am definitely not finding it as useful and terribly miss what I could do with the WE cursor that this one does not.  I heard that some of the limitations of the JAWS cursor are tied to the way apps and interfaces are designed in Windows 10, so you may find more success with it in Win 7, but the mousepad navigation of the WE cursor is not the same for the JAWS cursor.  To complicate things, JAWS also offers the Touch Cursor, which is supposed to work better with some of these newly designed interfaces.  I’m definitely still trying to wrap my head around these both.  The PC cursor in JAWS is just like the primary one in Window Eyes, whatever it was called. 


As for your WLM attachments question, I don’t use it, but since it’s a Microsfot project I wonder if this trick would work.  For Outlook, I like to open the File Explore window and copy whatever file I want to attach to an email.  Then, I go to the body of the email message I am composing and hit Control V to paste it an dit adds it.  Maybe this will work in WLM, too. 






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I am new to the list and new to Jaws 2019 which I recently installed on my Windows 7 computer because my previous DELL XP (which I just loved) crashed!!!  BTW I used the DELL computer for 14 years with no problems, so I got my money’s worth out of it.  I also should add that I am a former Wineyes user.  I am having some difficulty transitioning to Jaws.  OK here’s my questions:


1.  I am now using Windows live mail.  I cannot figure out how you attach a file.  Can anyone help?


2.  What does the ‘Smart Screen’ item in the start up menu do and should it be on or off?


3.  What is the difference between the Jaws RC cursor and the PC cursor?


5.  Using Windoweyes there was a command you could use to determine how many lines were in a you could press the key combo and Window eyes would say “line 86 of 258” so you knew how far along you were in a document....Is there such a command with JAWS....and if not, why not!!! (grin)


OK...that’s it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.....and a final note I hope my windows 7 computer will last another ten years because I do not want to go to Windows 10 or above....and I am aware updates will stop Jan., 2020!!!  Thanks!





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