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Hi William,
It sounds like Audio Ducking might be turned on.  See if the notes below will help:
From: Mike B.
Try the following:
1. Open the Settings Center with the keystroke, Insert / Jaws key + 6, on the number row, and press, Control, Shift + D, to open the Settings Center default
all applications.
2. Down arrow to, User, and right arrow to open.
3. Down arrow to, Lower audio volume of programs when Jaws speaks, and press the spacebar to uncheck this box.
4. Tab to, Okay, and press enter to save and close.
This feature can also be tobbled on & off by using a Layered Keystroke.  Press, Insert / Jaws Key + Spacebar, lut up and press the letter, D, to toggle
Audio Ducking on / off.
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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From: Soronel Haetir
It is in settings center for me (running win10) but is called "Lower
the volume of other programs while jaws is speaking" and is in the
"User" group. Note that you have to switch to the default profile, it
cannot be set on a per-program basis (but the setting is still
displayed, just can't be changed in the per-program profiles).
Take care.  Go Rams!
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Subject: jaws 19 and speech in win10


The volume of the speech is changing randomly from low to high and back.

Is this a known issue and is there some workaround/fix?

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