Re: [Bulk] what to o when win 7 won't talk on startup



Okay, first after initial power-on let it quiet down so there's no disc
Then press Escape.
If the system starts chattering along with a lot of disc activity you may
have managed to get past the startup screen.
When it quiets down again try Ctrl+Alt+J.
Hopefully JAWS starts then.

Another thing you might try if the above does not work...

Again wait for the computer to settle down after the power-on.
Then press Windows +U
Then press Alt+N
Hopefully Narrator will start talking so you can muddle through the rest.

Dave Carlson
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My computer was working well enough. But I just installed a windows
security update and now it won't talk when booting. No windows sound

To further complicate things. I recently added a new user account and
removed my original account. I'm giving the system away and wanted to clean
it up. It was working ok with the new account till I rebooted after the
windows update. Hope I get some eyes on this. Have to connect a monitor and
mouse just to get someone to look at it.

Just wondering if there are any magic keystrokes at the start-up screen to
get Windows talking.


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