Re: Thunderbird: is there a single hot Key to get to the nexe unread message?

Robert Logue

Yes. n and p go to next and previous unread. f and b go to next and previous.

You might need to use pass through key in your screen reader. 

There is a way to set up Jaws so you don't need to use pass key through but I haven't used Jaws for a while and don't remember the steps.


On 2018-12-01 3:10 p.m., Gerald Levy wrote:

I just started using Thunderbird myself, but I think pressing "N" and "p" go to the next and previous unread message, respectively.


On 12/1/2018 5:00 PM, Peter Tesar wrote:


My Inbox sometimes has an unread message somewhere amongst the read ones.

The only way to find it is to go through the Go menu

   alt plus g

   arrow right to open the next sub menu

   arrow down to select the next unread message

Is there a single hot key combination to speed up the process?


Peter T.

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