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Dan Longmore


  Using Excel with an Office 365 subscription but using downloaded program.  Issue can be intermittent and not all may be seeing this.  However the problem was discussed on the list a while back and as I am having the issue I called support yesterday and was told that they are aware of the bug and future releases, sooner than later, will address this. 




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Subject: Re: JAWS & Text boxes


Hi Dan,


Is this the retail version of Excel or Excel via Office 365 subscription?

I have Office 365 and use Jaws 2019 and I just opened Excel and started typing "Have" and Jaws read the "H" as soon as I typed it.

I tried this simply by typing on cell A1 and I also tried it by first pressing F2 to edit the cell and then starting to type it.



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Sent: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 9:10 AM
Subject: JAWS & Text boxes


  This is in relation to an earlier question regarding JAWS and text boxes and text in Excel.  Vespiro tech support just confirmed to me that they are aware of a bug in JAWS where JAWS will not speak the first letter when typing in Excel, text boxes and other programs.  For instance when typing “have” JAWS reads “ave”.  If you go back a word or use say all the reading is fine.  But when typing JAWS most often leaves off reading first letter.  Does not matter the voice profile. 

Just offering this to others who have experienced the issue .



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