switching folders in Outlook2016

Kevin Meyers <kevinmeyers@...>

Hello, I’m using Windows10, Outlook2016 and Jaws2018. Starting last week I encountered a problem when I switch from the inbox to a different folder. I go to another folder, read a few of the emails and then return to the inbox. When I get back to the inbox it says there are zero emails. I arrow up and down and nothing shows. I page up and down and nothing shows up. I exit Outlook and then try to go back in. When I try to activate Outllok from the desktop or from Cortona, it will not load. I can activate 3 or 4 other apps from the desk and sometimes Outlook will load. Most of the time I have to reboot. My main concern right now is why don’t the emails appear in the inbox after I switch in and out of the inbox? They will only show up after I go out and then back into Outlook. Cheers, Kevin

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