Which twain compatible scanner for use with Jaws 2018/2019 OCR feature

Mike Terry

Hello All,

I just learned today that, starting with version 2018, Jaws supports
some limited OCR scanning. The Jaws tech support would not recommend
a scanner. The only thing they said is that it had to be TWAIN

I have started researching scanners and would like the list's
opinions. Especially from those using the Jaws OCR feature. Right
now I just want to OCR my mail. Eventually, I plan to purchase
OpenBook. In the mean time, I can't decide if I should go with one of
the lower end Brother's mobile scanners or if I should purchase a
multi function printer/scanner/fax models.

Looking on Amazon, there a a lot of scanners to choose from. I'd like
to keep the cost under $250 unless this isn't reasonable.

All opinions are welcome.

Thanks Mike

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