2 JAWS problems

Rahul Bajaj

Hi All,

I use JAWS 2018, Win 10. The 2 problems are:
1. In Word, I use Word 10 because 16 has some bugs, it says sometimes:
"use your reading keys to read the text." and then JAWS starts acting
sporadically. It does not delete words when I press back space and
becomes generally unresponsive. Only solution is turning JAWS off and
on. This keeps happening every few minutes.
2. In Outlook 16, when writing emails, there is a noticeable lag in
the responsiveness of JAWS. it takes a minute to type down what I say
and so on. I have to write my mails in notepad and then copy-paste
them. Thoughts?


Rahul Bajaj
Candidate for the BCL
Rhodes Scholar (India and Linacre 2018)
University of Oxford

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