OneNote/Evernote/Google Keep accessibility?


Hello list,

Can anyone comment on the accessibility with any of the note taking apps/services? I know a while back, OneNote really didn’t work with Jaws so I’m not sure if there’s been any improvement with recent JFW or Office updates. I know there was at a time scripts one could buy to make OneNote more Jaws friendly, but again, that was a while ago.

How about the other two apps?

I use Pocket for a read later solution when I come across articles, but I’m looking for something a little more note taking orientated for when I need or want to research something. Thus am looking for something more put together.

Be it any of these three services mentioned or perhaps something else? Jaws user as well as iOS so cross platform compatible would be preferred

I know I can slap something together with notepad and or a word processing doc and put it in the cloud, but thought I’d ask around if there was maybe a more structured solution.




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