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That may not be easy to determine, as often rehab or other agencies source refurbished computers rather than purchasing new ones off the shelf. Also if they deal in any volume, they may even source computers at a discount, or being a non-profit, receive some at no cost, such as models that are discontinued and excess inventory.
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How much did the Oregon Commission for the Blind allow you to spend on a PC?


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Hi all! 

 Unfortunently, I don’t currently know the latest portable hard drive modles out there. I would advise you to get a nice tarribite hard drive or higher if you can. As for a new laptop computer, I got one last October and it’s a Dell laptop computer. So far, so good!!! When you do go for your new laptop computer, the top modle or the one behind is probably the one to go for so that you can get the best life span out of your new laptop. However, when you do go looking for them, you’ll also need to figure out what you want out of your laptop as well. I had to do this over the last year myself. I orriginally wanted a Mack laptop computer but when I took my own need for a laptop computer to the Oregon Commission for the Blind, they informed me that the Mack wasn’t the right computer because for the college world, it’s not as accessible as I needed. This is why I wound up getting a Dell PC laptop computer instead. Because I was a decade behind in my tech, I also got tech training of which I still am getting tech training. I also had to get a braille note taker and a talking graphic calculator along with the laptop computer. In fact, I have to spend my Saturday teaching myself about the calculator because I just got that last week and my math class starts on Monday. Mind you, I still haven’t totally mastered the P.C. Laptop computer or my braille note taker. This is why I’m still doing the training in technology. So, I know what you are probably wondering, what is the best laptop computer for you. I can’t answer that for you but I can point you to something like a Dell PC with the advise to figure out what you need out of your computer. I’ll say this about the Dell laptop computer, the one good thing about it is that the Dell laptop is reletively universal. You can get one and use it in your home just as nicely as you can take one to work or school and use it in those places as well. I have a friend who also owns a Dell laptop computer and she only uses it for the home setting. I use my own Dell laptop for both at home and at school. But while at home, my main computer, believe it or not is my iPhone SE. I mainly use my Dell to sync up to my cloud drives and Emails. But at school and tech training, I use it for most things there. I use it along with my braille note taker, my phone and my graphing calculator. The real work starts Monday when I take the first period of math class. I hope this will help you Good luck!!! I hope you find the right computer for you! 



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Hi. if any one has a Lenovo or ibm laptop. Which model would they recommend? Also need a external portable drive. Mine is on the way out and when I tried to delete a folder, said it could not read from the specified device.

Any recommendations.





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