Re: recommendations for a new laptop

Kimber Gardner


I bought a Lenovo E580 around two months ago and I really like it. It
is a 15-inch model as I wanted a laptop with a full keyboard. The only
modification I had to make was to script the applications key to the
print screen key which was not strictly necessary, but a convenience.
It has an I7 processor and dual hard drives, the primary drive is a
500 gig solid state drive and the secondary is a 1 tb drive I use for
data. I customized the configuration on the Lenovo site and received
the laptop in around two weeks. The cost was around $1400.

I hope this is helpful. If you have more questions, just ask.


On 1/5/19, Marvin Hunkin via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Hi. if any one has a Lenovo or ibm laptop. Which model would they
Also need a external portable drive. Mine is on the way out and when I
to delete a folder, said it could not read from the specified device.

Any recommendations.



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