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I really would like to know how I can act on a notification in Action Centre.

I get these notifications from Google, headlines and articles such as the below (taken from Jaws speech History) after I press Win Key + A:


Notifications from Google Chrome
A new games console is coming Mad Box wants to take on the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation 9:07 AM •
New Story on IIC Ebro Darden Talks New Role at Apple Music, Discoverability for Beats 1 Content 8:52 AM •
PC trends and themes The laptop news we expect at CES. 7:46 AM •
See more (4) Button  - I press spacebar to activate/expand:
Alexa vs Google Assistant The CES quest to reel you in. 7:46 AM •
Our thermoelectric future We try out self-powered sensors. 7:46 AM •
A class above Mercedes-Benz A220 raises the bar. 7:46 AM •
📄 Alex Bosma shared Kitimat Lodge’s post.
(5 other new notifications) 9:28 PM •


Very rarely if I press enter on one of these it actually opens Chrome, my default browser, and the article displays. But typically pressing either spacebar or enter on any of these will just clear it.

For example, I pressed the spacebar on the first notification about the new game console and Jaws says "Clear All, if I do a say line it seems I am now on the Clear All button and if I check back the notification about the game consoles is gone and if I actually press spacebar or enter when I am on that Clear All button all notifications are cleared.

Isn't there a way to activate these items so it goes to the article on the CNET, Tech Radar or whatever website that is mentioned?





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