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I just did a web search about reveal codes and there is a known problem in the versions of Word above 2016 build 1701 or something like that.  I suspect you are on 2016 build 1803 or 1809.


This came from a Microsoft Community page that was updated December 28, 2018.


Did you used to use Word Perfect when Reveal Codes were easy to access?


They have never been easy to get to with Word and I’m not sure if they have been really accessible with a screen reader.  My sighted wife uses them some times, but she is a relatively new convert to Word from Word Perfect.


There is still a “clear formatting” option on the Styles drop-down, but I’m not sure that will do what you are hunting for.


You can go into the options on the File menu and turn on all the various markers so you wil hear space and tab and such everywhere, but that would be a royal pain.


Clear formatting, as I just found with a quick test, will get rid of bold, underline, etc.  It will not remove tabs.  But, you can do that with find and replace.


To clear formatting, select all the text you want to remove the formatting and tap the following keys one after the other, not together.  Alt, h, l, c.


To use find and replace for tabs, press control+h (that brings up find and replace) type ^t in the find box, tab to replace and put a single space in if you want so as to avoid ending up with words smashed together with no spaces and hit alt+a.


Jaws willl tell you how many were replaced.


If you want to get rid of hard returns, the symbol to use is ^p.


The ^ is the capital 6, on the number row if you didn’t know that.  And the t or p for tab and hard return are lower case.


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Actually, I’m talking about underling, tabs, etc.




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If you're talking about Field codes then ALT+F9 is the toggle to reveal/hide (or at least return to non-field code format) the field codes in a Word document.


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