Re: setting up a new lenovo laptop

Kimber Gardner

I did not have to change the behavior of the function keys when I set up my new Lenovo E580. Maybe this is model dependent? 

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hi Marvin 

Michelle Stevens here, 

when I unpacked my  Lenovo I had to get a sighted person to turn offf the function hot keys in the bios. Otherwise it will interfere with jfw. 
This is done by using a pen in the left side of the machine to enter into bios during startup. once the person turns off the hotkeys in function click save and exit and your right to start setting up windows. 

You may be able to start norator to get some voice and very basic braille display. 

good luck 

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Hi. has any one set up a new Lenovo laptop out of the box, and if so, any demos or podcasts or a ytube video.




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