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That does not meet my requirements for an advanced point of sale system, it's more of an invoicing/accounting system for people with a very limited requirement for a few products or services.
In the approx. 12 years since I have had my current point of sale system we have accumulated over 10,000 customers in the database, there are about 10,000 active and over 20,000 inactive items in the database and of course there is the sales history for all these customers many of which are local and come in on a very regular bases. Furthermore there are thousands of purchase orders when we receive shipments, thousands of pictures which are associated with the products and my system needs to be capable to link to our website and sync our online database/store to the physical store.


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Sieghard, this is only a suggestion, but I heard of a website called but aren't sure how screen reader friendly it is with
JAWS. but since it's web based, maybe it's worth checking out?

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Subject: Quick books point of sale, with jaws 2019?

Hello Jessica,

I would be very curious what your need/requirement for a point of sale
system is. I don't use Quickbooks, but a different system, but it's an
older end of life product and I am very much looking for a replacement
as well. I started a correspondence with Vispero about this since many
of the major and affordable POS systems which are available have many
accessibility challenges or are outright inaccessible. Eric Damery
replied to me and said that they definitely are aware that people out
there are needing a good accessible solution, hopefully this
conversation will continue now that the holidays are over and while it
may take a while I am hopeful that something will come of it.
In the meantime I'd love to hear from anybody who run a retail business
or work at one where they may need to use a point of sale system. I
think one of the issues is that if I look at a particular solution and
approach the company I may be the only blind person they have ever had
contact them in which case they may not take my request too serious.
Anybody who wants to contact me can do so off-list if they want and
email me at, maybe if I get a few replies I'll start a
group since I don't think one exists, a combined voice can always shout
louder than just one alone.


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I’m wondering if anyone on here uses Quickbooks point of sale with jaws

How well does it work?



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