Re: How to insert a row in Excell using the ribbons?


Yes, I learned to work with the ribbon years ago, and have learned several quick Alt+ keystrokes to get the job done. But from my perspective, the menus were more intuitive overall. Can't help saying that, but for me, it was true.
Of course I don't use those virtual ribbons provided by JAWS -- just a crutch.
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           I really don't get all the complaining about the ribbon interface.  It's a menu, just laid out more visually for those who can see, and more "horizontally" than vertically.

           When you have a program like Word, or Excel, or any complex piece of software that has hundreds through thousands of functions there is no way to make keyboard shortcuts "intuitive."  They've never been intuitive.  You find your own set of "greatest hits" that you use all the time, over time, and commit them to memory.

            I don't find it any more difficult to think of the Home Tab/Ribbon, Insert (or Delete or Format) commands than I did when they were arranged as dropdown menus.  People just don't want to even think about it, but that's too bad, as the Ribbon interface is not going away anytime soon and the old Menu interface is gone for good.  It just is not all that difficult to use the ribbons, but it certainly is if you resist them, and some have been resisting them for well over a decade now.  What a waste of time and effort.  It's easier, and more sensible, to learn how they work.


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