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Hello all,

I joined this list a few days ago, and am pleased to recognize a few names from other lists and previous JFW lists.

I will be upgrading my Jaws sometime this year from version 8 to 13. I feel it will be almost like relearning everything, as so much has been added since version 8.

As part of my upgrade, I will also be buying a new computer, and would like anyone's recommendations for the following 2 items.

1. I want to get a laptop preferrably with a keypad if such a thing exists. Otherwise, well differentiated keys, good battery life, and durable. A full-sized laptop is fine.

2. I am also looking for a small netbook that will have more limited use. I want the netbook to be small and durable with a reasonably tactile keyboard. This device does not need to be as new, as I am willing to shop secondhand for it.

As I know nothing about laptops and small computers, whether they be netbooks, notebooks or ultra mini PCs, any experiences are welcome. Are there things I should be aware of concerning JAWS when looking for laptops or smaller PCs? E.g., video cards, onboard software that might be a problem, etc.?



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