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You should get an Office 365 subscription which entitles you to download whatever latest version of the Office apps exist. In addition it comes with 1 Tb of OneCloud storage and if you have a good friend or family member you could share it, the $99 family plan is good for up to 5 or 6 people and each of them get the 1 Tb of storage and can download the apps on up to 5 devices. If it is just yourself you could get an individual subscription for I think $59 a year.

Going forward you will find that you will get the most up-to-date functionality and scripts if you are running the subscription version. As of Jaws 2019 Freedom Scientific has separated the scripts for the retail version and the subscription version and since a large majority of people and companies opt for the subscription model nowadays it will get more attention.


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I am a new list member.  I received a pc running windows ten professional and I can use up to jaws 2019.  I plan to purchase some version of office and although they all theoretically work perfectly, I wonder which version is likely to give me the least grief and if there are any versions I should consider avoiding?

Many thanks


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