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Yes, this is all based on how well the speech engines were designed.
Contextual pronunciation is a step above simple word-for-word pronunciation,
and thereby requires greater processing power.

I suppose you could set up your own rules in the JAWS dictionary if you
added word combinations like "will read", "I read very", "I read the", or
"go read". However there will still be many word pairs that are pronounced
differently on their context, as Peter points out.

I just tested this by adding the phrase "I read very" and set it to "I reed
very" and it now distinguishes that phrase correctly in the sentence: I read
very well. However if I have a sentence like I read very few books last
year (the past tense of "to read" then of course it's wrong once again.

So it's proves to be a real rat-hole when trying to use the JAWS dictionary
to set up contextual-based phrase pronunciations except in fairly simple and
often-occurring mistakes.

Dave Carlson
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One note on this, the realspeak voices sometimes get it right.

For instance the realspeak voices I have installed (fairly recent solo
direct if it matters) pronounces "It's time you go read the book"
correctly, but gets "Go read the book" wrong.

On 1/19/12, Nickus de Vos <> wrote:
I wondered about this for a long time but just got use to it, funny
how if you type R E A D and press space it says it correctly and also
if you, well read by word with jaws and arrows it's also spoken

On 1/19/12, Joni Colver <> wrote:
I don't know a solution to this. The same problem exists with St. for
or street and Dr. for doctor or drive. You can have JAWS pronounce any
these the same way every time, but that does not solve the problem of
should be spoken in a particular context. It is just one of those screen
reader quirks we have to tolerate as far as I have been able to


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Hello Everybody.

What does everybody do for the word read? When I type the word r e a d my
JAWS13 always pronounces this word in the past tense as r e d. I have
so far as adding the word read to the dictionary and told JAWS to
it as r e e d. But that's very limiting as far as sounding partly right.
there a way to use read in both it's present and past meanings.


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