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I guess not.
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Hello All,
Is there any AOL instant messenger user in here that have aim version 7.2
with jaws 13? I'm having some little issue ,when I was chatting with a
friend ,when I send a message jaws say Hi Joe What's up? when Joe send me
message back jaws say nothing much cuzon without the name and time ,when I
press shift tab to history conversation window I read the message it's say
Joseph Gethers is available then when I arrow down it's say durangoadd64
2:12 p.m. Hi Joe what's up? then down arrow again it's say Joseph Gethers
2:14 p.m. nothing much cuzon when I'm in text edit window where I type in
message and send the message jaws is not saying durangoadd64 2:30 p.m. Hi
Heather How are you? when I heard Heather typing a message and send me the
message back jaws didn't say Heather Dana 2:34 p.m. Hi Addison I'm ok so
when I switch back to jaws 12 I noticed jaws say when I type a message and
send a message in the same window without going to history conversation
window jaws say durangoadd64 2:36 p.m. Pam Are you there? when Pam send
message back to me jaws say Pamela Benbow 2:40 p.m. Hi Adddison How is your
mom doing? How can I get jaws 13 to say like jaws 12 to say name,time and
message in the same window instead of going to history conversation window?
I hope I explain my situation with my issue with you all!! If you have any
suggestion and answer I will appreciated so much.

O. Addison Gethers

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