Re: Where can i start in creating jaws scripts for winzip!

Steve Matzura

To answer your older question first, make a detailed list of what you cannot do via standard Windows control navigation--tab key, arrow keys, shortcut keys, checkboxes  controllable with the spacebar, radio buttons and combo boxes navigable with arrow keys, menus that work in the standard way, etc., etc. Then, go through the manual and find out what functions you haven't discovered on your own, where they are, and, possibly with the help of a sighted assisstant, how to operate or perform those inaccessible functions. Then, use a tool like BX Toolbox or JAWS' own built-in window discovery tool, formerly known as the home row utilities, or even Windig, all of which will give you a hierarchy of JAWS-accessible elements, window names, window classes, control ID's, and other things you'll need in order to code your script's functions and features. This is basic programming 101.

To answer your question about labeling graphics, if the graphic in question has a tool tip, the JAWS Graphics Labeler will do the job for you.

Sometimes the menu bar at the top of a window will have a graphic associated with each pull-down menu, but since these graphics are just duplicates for activating the menus in question, they can be ignored. Sometimes there are graphics for specific functions, such as open, save, etc., which are also duplicated in menus and which usually have shortcut keys of their own, so these graphics can also be ignored since their functions are available elsewise. Finally, in my opinion, if there are no other graphics in a window that, when clicked, perform a function that's available via shortcut key or menu, then you don't have to bother labeling or scripting any graphics unless it's for completeness because they will in all likelihood never be used by a JAWS user.

On 12/26/2018 2:45 AM, David Ingram wrote:
Hi list members, what I'm finding out is that winzip has different things to choose from when trying to figure what needs to be opened and other things. I've also noticed that usually there are some graphics and they need to be labeled. When I perform the keystroke for the auto graphics labeler, no labels are labeled yet i'm sure that there are some graphics that need to be labeled. I'd like to be able to label these graphics as well as the buttons as well but I
not sure how to do this with out sighted assistance the version of winzip is 22. I got this version just before winzip 23 was released.

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Just curious, but why do you feel Winzip needs scripting?

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Hi list members, what should I do first when trying to see what jaws scripts need to be written for winzip22?

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