Revisiting the Face Book Post/update fields in Google Chrome

Nate Kile

I want to apologize, when I checked FB earlier, I only Tried FF, I had a bunch of different tabs open and different browsers and failed to actually try Google Chrome. I visited FB on Chrome a few minutes ago, and on my end, I did find that the edit field for posting ones update is not visible with JAWS. In NVDA, I could still navigate to it by using D, for region, arrow down one time to my name, then down arrow one more time and the what's on your mind field is there, it does not have a element tag that I could find, but when I pressed enter, my edit box appeared. When using JAWS and using R, for regions, I arrowed down to my name, then one more time and it completely skipped the, What's on your mind option.
Just thought I would share my findings.

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