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Joni Colver <earlybird@...>

I don't know a solution to this. The same problem exists with St. for saint or street and Dr. for doctor or drive. You can have JAWS pronounce any of these the same way every time, but that does not solve the problem of which should be spoken in a particular context. It is just one of those screen reader quirks we have to tolerate as far as I have been able to determine.


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Hello Everybody.

What does everybody do for the word read? When I type the word r e a d my
JAWS13 always pronounces this word in the past tense as r e d. I have gone
so far as adding the word read to the dictionary and told JAWS to pronounce
it as r e e d. But that's very limiting as far as sounding partly right. Is
there a way to use read in both it's present and past meanings.


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