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David & his pack of dogs

Sorry, I can’t find the owner of this list so do not know how to send this privately.  I have an aversion to people who put religious tags at the end of their message such as Christ be with you etcetera.  A lot of atrocities have be done in the name of Christianity. One person  in particular could not hold down a job or a relationship so joined a convent. She admitted to getting off on the looks she got from the general public when in her habit with me and my guide dog.  She gets off on being in the lime light to the point of neglecting her own mother unless it suits her purpose. Any negative publicity on the news is just propaganda according to her. This is not indicative of all nuns as another one lived up to how a nun should be,  thus, I would humbly request that religious references be deleted from tag lines. After all, some worship the devil, would others like it if they put in their tag line, “The devil is the only leader for this world.”         

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