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Steve Griffiths

I'm supporting a JAWS 18 user who has to edit a spreadsheet using Excel Online, the web-based version of Excel. The Freedom Scientific webinar on Office 365 that covers Excel Online is very useful, but we're having a couple of issues that aren't covered in that webinar.


One is that there are multiple people editing the spreadsheet at the same time, and whenever my client arrows around the spreadsheet, JAWS keeps saying Alert! with each press of an arrow key. I got round this by using Audacity to create an empty WAV file, then using the JAWS dictionary to substitute this WAV file for the word Alert followed by an exclamation mark. But I wonder if there is a more elegant way to stop the announcements.


The second issue is that most of the team open the spreadsheet and minimise it when they start work, and then go to it when they want to edit. My client has tried this but finds that, even when she minimises the spreadsheet and is working on another application, JAWS announces all the edits anyone else makes to the sheet. One workaround is to close the spreadsheet when she's not actually editing it, but she has to edit it many times a day and opening it every time takes a lot longer than just Alt-Tabbing to it.


Is anyone else using Excel Online with multiple people editing the same document? Do you also get the above issues, and if so, how do you deal with them?




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