QuickBooksand quicken accessibility for JAWS

John Martyn

I might as well announce it but Quickbooks and Quicken scripts are on the
way, however I am not releasing them as of yet.
They are still in testing and development.
The quickbooks scripts are towards the end of development and testing but
quicken is more of a challenge. Quicken uses a lot of graphics and it takes
time to find them all to label them my special way. Quickbooks works
wonderfully with 2011 and development for Quicken 2012 is going good so far.
Quickbooks 2012 is coming soon.
The NFB National Federation of the Blind is participating in this particular
project. I flew out to Baltimore and they were very interested in this new
development. I might be coming under fire for even releasing this
information, but I'm not scared. I have complete faith that what I'm doing
for the blind community is justified and backed up legally.
Besides, wouldn't you all like the option to use such mainstream software
that could even give you more freedom?

John Martyn

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Does anyone know if QuickBooks is accessible with jaws yet or if scripts
have been written for it

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