Re: 2 JAWS Issues

Rahul Bajaj

Thanks, Richard. On the first point, control+ up arrow absolutely
works on the web; it has just not been working properly for the last
few months.

If iI am, for instance, looking at a particular post on Facebook and
want to go to the previous element, control+up arrow should ideally
take me there. It sometimes does not.

On point 2, sometimes it does delete everything on the clipboard, but
sometimes it retains it and pastes it with the newly copied content.

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On 20/12/2018, Richard Turner <richardturner42@...> wrote:
I'm not experiencing either issue.
Control_up arrow jumps to the previous paragraph in Word, I never use it on
the web, so not sure if it should do what you are expecting.

As for the append to clipboard and then copy to clipboard and getting that
message, I just tested it by selecting your entire message and pressing
insert+windows+c and pasting it in a word document, going back to the end of
the message in Outlook and only copying the last few lines with the
unsubscribe info with control+c and saying yes I want to continue and delete
what is in the clipboard.
When I pasted that after writing a unique line so I'd now for sure what got
pasted the second time, only the few lines I copied the second time pasted.

Its early, so I hope that made sense.


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Hi Everyone,

I use JAWS 2018 on a Windows 10 machine. I am facing the following 2

1. Pressing control+ up arrow doesn't result in JAWS reading the previous
item. Say I am going through my inbox on the Gmail HTML website. I am
reading email c's subject and sender name in my inbox.
When I press ctrl+ up arrow, I should be taken to email B, but I am not. It
keeps repeating email c. The same happens in many other contexts.

2. When using windows+insert+c to continually copy a substantial portion of
text, the following problem occurs. Let's say I copy some text in this
fashion from a webpage and put it in a word document. I then go to a
different webpage and press control+ c there, JAWS will
say: Are you sure you want to delete the content on the clipboard?
Even if I say yes and then copy something with control+ c, when I paste this
newly copied content in a word document, what was previously copied to the
clipboard by way of insert+windows+c will also get pasted, not just the
newly copied content. This results in a lot of unnecessary confusion. In
other words, it doesn't delete from the clipboard the content that it takes
my permission for deleting.

Hoping to hear from you.

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