Re: weird windows10 & jaws 2019 problem please help!!!

Gerald Levy

Have you tried Narrator?  If not, see if you encounter the same problem with the search box using Narrator instead of JAWS.  Also, which build of Windows 10 are you running?  If it is 1809, there have been widespread problems reported with this build, which MS supposedly recalled and is now rolling out again. If Freedom Scientific can't help. you might want to call the Microsoft Accessibility helpline at 800-936-5900 and see whether they can help you resolve the problem.


On 12/20/2018 8:56 AM, Shan Noyes wrote:
Hi all!
I have just been upgraded to windows10 at work. I am using Jaws 2019 and am having serious problems with the windows10 system at work.  I will outline the problems, and then so we don’t get repeats tell you what we have done to date.
When I hit the windows key to get the searchbox my computer announces cortana.  I start to type in what I want to search for, but I can not hear any of the results.  I’ve tried the jaws cursor and everything.  The search feature is working correctly at least the sighted folks who have watched say it is.
I’ve talked to freedom scientific,  sorry can’t get use to the new name.
And have done the following
Uninstalled jaws and did a complete reinstall.
2. Tried a repair.
3. Check permissions on the freedom scientific folder inside the c:\program files directory structure.
4. my video card driver was 14 months old and there was an updated driver from a month ago. Upgraded it.
And no luck the searchbox still acts the same.
And yes, jaws was installed with a full admin account. And this problem occurs in both the full admin account  as well as the user accounts.
Anyways, I looking for suggestions of things to have the folks who put together the corporate windows10 built as to things to check.  Our build is pretty locked down.
Thanks all.
Have a good day.

Shan Noyes and guide dog Danson

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