2 JAWS Issues

Rahul Bajaj

Hi Everyone,

I use JAWS 2018 on a Windows 10 machine. I am facing the following 2 issues:

1. Pressing control+ up arrow doesn't result in JAWS reading the
previous item. Say I am going through my inbox on the Gmail HTML
website. I am reading email c's subject and sender name in my inbox.
When I press ctrl+ up arrow, I should be taken to email B, but I am
not. It keeps repeating email c. The same happens in many other

2. When using windows+insert+c to continually copy a substantial
portion of text, the following problem occurs. Let's say I copy some
text in this fashion from a webpage and put it in a word document. I
then go to a different webpage and press control+ c there, JAWS will
say: Are you sure you want to delete the content on the clipboard?
Even if I say yes and then copy something with control+ c, when I
paste this newly copied content in a word document, what was
previously copied to the clipboard by way of insert+windows+c will
also get pasted, not just the newly copied content. This results in a
lot of unnecessary confusion. In other words, it doesn't delete from
the clipboard the content that it takes my permission for deleting.

Hoping to hear from you.

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