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If you have an iPhone, download an app called Speechsticker. You can train
it to speak out bar codes you stick to the items.

this is off-topic for a JAWS list, so I'll end it now.

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Hi, personally I use Dimo tape to braille things around the house. Such as
books, appliance key pads, my iPhone (so I know it's not someone else's),
etc. vut you could also use generic tactiles like puff paint, velcro
stickers, or even cellophane tape. For clothes you could try clothes pins,
safety pins (various sizes), or napkin rings to keep paired things together.
There's even magnetic braille labeling rolls for canned goods and jars with
metal lids. For the low vision there are multi-colored stickers. Even
knotting, special folding, and dedicated placement or varying size, shape,
and texture containers can keep stuff organized. Maxi-Aids, LS&S, and the S.
f. lighthouse for the Blind can all help withis question and product
solutions. Hope these suggestions help.


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I don't think your request is off topic:

check out the WayAround Tag-and-scan system

WayAround is a smart phone app that provides on-demand details about
everyday things. This tag-and-scan system enables the user to easily
identify objects and also provides extra details, like how something
works or when it expires. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with Darwin
Belt and Jessica Hipp about the WayAround system and how it works.

Here is a link to an audio described video explaining how WayAround is
used in public spaces:

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I am looking for a labeler to use around the house and was wondering if
anyone had any suggestions of good ones. Not the old fashion one with the
big circle you twist to punch out on that plastic sticky stuff that does
stick. Please contact me off list @ bowman@...
Much appreciated


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