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T. Civitello

Thanks, got it. I agree this could be helpful but you can do it by toggling the letter  Tom

Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 8:52 PM
Subject: Re: phonetically speaking

This is a new feature which I personally really like, but if you don't want it just go to the Settings Centre, make sure the default settings are loaded and type the first few letters of the word "phonetic", then look for the following:


When pausing after character navigation, speak character phonetically After one and a half seconds.

If you want to navigate their manually go to Settings Centre/Default > Text Processing > General > Phonetic Announcement

Here is the description:

While navigating text by character, it may be helpful to hear the phonetic representation for a particular letter.

When this option is enabled, pausing on a letter for a brief period of time will allow JAWS to speak it phonetically.

JAWS also offers a manual option to speak phonetics continuously as you navigate by character. Pressing the Say Character keystroke twice quickly toggles this feature on and off.

If you are using the manual option for all letters, the pause announcement will not occur.

By default, phonetic announcements will happen if you pause for one and a half seconds when navigating by character.


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Subject: phonetically speaking


Ever since the latest Jaws update whenever I am typing in a document and hesitate on a letter Jaws says the letter phonetically. I find this annoying. . I have tried to find a way to stop this in the quick settings but haven’t had any luck.

Can someone please help with this?  Tom


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