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John Martyn

Hi, yes you will need to enter into the BIOS which is the firmware on the system. It does not have accessibility to the BIOS. You can as an alternate way to read the Bialas be able to use your phone to capture anything that is optical character recognition using the Google a I app which reads on screen text. That will give you the capability to enter into keyboard functionality. Usually the F1 through F 12 keys are short cuts, but changing that function capability in the BIOS will put them back to standard mode. You will need a separate device such as an iPhone or an android with capability to read the screen in that mode since there is no yours or accessibility to it. Hope this helps, John

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   I have an HP pavilion laptop from 2012. It's the I7. I didn't have to change the function keys or anything. I'm pretty sure yours is old enough so That you  won’t have to either.
Stan B
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I’m not sure if this is the right list, but I was hoping someone might know the answer to this. My parents have offered me their Hp Pavillion with i7 processor that they no longer use. In return, I have to give them my old laptop. The laptop I will be getting is from 2011. Does anyone know whether I will have to change the function keys in the BIOS or if that unit is old enough that I won’t have to? My Hp is from 2009 and I didn’t have to make this change. I tried to call Hp’s accessibility line to see if they can answer my question, but they don’t answer their phone. I guess I could try sales chat to see if they might know.
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