Selected and unselected items

Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

I have discovered a new behavior in JAWS2019's latest update. In the past, if a file, folder, or an icon was selected, and then unselected, you would hear the following.


When the file, folder or icon was selected, such as Recycle Bin, you would hear the item spoken.

JAWS 2018


Recycle Bin


Then if unselected, JAWS would say,


Not Selected Recycle Bin


JAWS 2019's latest update behaves differently. If you select a file, folder or icon, JAWS does not voice the icon, but, instead, says, Selected.


If the item is then unselected with CONTROL plus SPACE, JAWS does not say anything, or indicate that the item has been unselected.


I have reported this behavior to Vispero, and the lady who took my call reported it as a bug. I don't know if this is a bug, or if it is a changed behavior instituted by vispero, as per the silent TAB key. Either way, I am not happy with this change. I want to know if an item is selected or unselected.


Bill White




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