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Below is the download link for both 32 & 64 Bit, the same link works for both, plus what's new in this release.  Also, below What's New are some frequently asked questions with answers.
32 & 64 Bit:
What's new:
Enhancements in JAWS 2019.1812.49 (December 2018)
The following is a list of improvements made between the initial JAWS 2019 release and the December 2018 update.
Improved AutoCorrect Detection in Word and Outlook
With the improvements to UIA support in Office 365 versions higher than  16.0.10400, JAWS can now immediately alert you when text is AutoCorrected as you
edit documents in Word or when composing emails in Outlook. By default, when you are typing in word or the body of an email and you press the SPACEBAR
after a word that is AutoCorrected, JAWS plays a pop sound. In addition, if you stop typing, so that speech is not interrupted, JAWS says "Auto Correct"
followed by the corrected word including the spelling.
As you navigate a document, JAWS can also announce if Word has automatically corrected the current text. You can then press ALT+SHIFT+F10 to open a context
menu that allows you to undo the correction, stop automatically correcting that word, or change your AutoCorrect options. For instance, if JAWS alerts
you that a word you just typed was corrected but you prefer to use the word as you originally typed it, you can navigate back to the item, press ALT+SHIFT+F10,
and choose "Change back."
Note: When typing in the body of a new message in Outlook, JAWS can alert you when text is AutoCorrected, however, the context menu for changing AutoCorrect
options is only accessible using a mouse. Microsoft currently only allows the ALT+SHIFT+F10 command to be used in Word.
If you do not want to be notified when text is AutoCorrected when you press the SPACEBAR, open Quick Settings (INSERT+V) from Word and turn off the "Spelling
buzzer on mistyped words" option. Note that this will also turn off the buzzer sound that is heard to indicate a misspelled word.
If you do not want to have JAWS alert you to corrected words as you navigate a document, open Quick Settings from Word and turn off the AutoCorrect Detection
Support for Co-Authoring Documents in Word 365
If a shared document is opened by multiple users, JAWS can now do the following:
list of 3 items
• Indicate who has the document opened using a notification message.
• When another co-author navigates to the same line as the JAWS user, JAWS will indicate who is editing the same line. Pressing INSERT+UP ARROW to read
the current line will also announce who is reading or editing at that location.
• When a co-author actually edits the same line you are on, JAWS indicates that the text is locked for editing. If you press INSERT+UP ARROW, you will
hear "Editing locked." You will also be alerted that the line is locked if you begin typing.
list end
Navigation Quick Keys Now Available in Google Docs
Google Docs provides a number of keystrokes to help users navigate through documents more efficiently. However, these commands are difficult for users
to discover and use repeatedly. For example, you can press ALT+CTRL+N followed by ALT+CTRL+H to move to the next heading which could be difficult to press
multiple times for some users.
To improve document navigation, you can now press INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by Q in Google Docs to activate a Quick Keys layer. Braille support must also
be turned on in Google Docs for this to work correctly. Even if you do not use a braille display, Braille support provides the most accessibility information
to JAWS so you have the best experience when navigating and editing documents. If Braille support is not already enabled, press ALT+SHIFT+A for the Accessibility
menu, open the Settings submenu, and press ENTER on Enable Braille Support. Once the Quick Keys layer is active, the following navigation commands are
list of 3 items
• Move to the next or prior heading: H or SHIFT+H
• Move to the next or prior list: L or SHIFT+L
• Move to the next or prior table: T or SHIFT+T
list end
While this layer is active, you can continue to use the ARROW keys to review text. For example, you could press INSERT+SPACEBAR, Q, H to move to a heading,
press DOWN ARROW to read a couple lines, and then press H to jump to the next heading without having to press INSERT+SPACEBAR, Q again. This layer remains
active until you press ESC or any key that is not one of the supported navigation keys described above.
Other Changes
list of 24 items
• Resolved an issue with JAWS double speaking links in PDF documents.
• The Liblouis braille translator used in JAWS has been updated to version 3.7 offering improved Unified English Braille (UEB) tables, back translation
improvements, and new Chinese language tables.
• In the Windows 10 Fall 2018 update,JAWS now reads as expected in the Clipboard history window accessed by pressing WINDOWS Key+V.
• Resolved an issue with JAWS not reading as expected in the Windows 10 Emoji panel accessed by pressing WINDOWS Key+SEMICOLON. Note that there is still
a known issue where emojis will not read correctly in emails opened in Outlook 365.
• Due to major changes with the UPS website, the UPS Tracking Research It lookup source has been removed as it can no longer search and retrieve results
from this service.
• JAWS now supports reading PDF documents in Edge. This includes navigating documents using standard reading commands, using Navigation Quick Keys such
as H to move by headings, and entering Forms Mode in edit fields.
• JAWS can now indicate if a form field is marked as "required" in Edge.
• Addressed a reported issue where the Announce Multiline Edit option in Setting Center would not remain active in the Default settings file.
• Resolved a reported issue in Notepad where JAWS was not automatically reading the prompts for the edit fields in the Find and Replace dialog box.
• The JAWS setup program now displays a splash screen when it first starts and before the main installation screen appears.
• Pressing INSERT+F1 twice quickly in Chrome now displays a JAWS help topic.
• In addition to pressing INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by H to display the speech history in the Results Viewer, you can now press INSERT+SPACEBAR followed
by CTRL+H to copy the speech history to the Clipboard for pasting into an application. The speech history includes the last 50 announcements spoken by
the synthesizer.
• In Winamp, you can now perform single-letter commands directly from a braille display's  keyboard including the Focus Blue such as X to play, V to stop,
C to pause, and B and Z to move to the next or previous item in a playlist.
• When accessing documents in the online version of Word 365 using Chrome or Firefox, resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading as expected when navigating
by line.
• Resolved an issue with JAWS not announcing autocomplete addresses in Outlook 365.
• Resolved a reported issue where JAWS would not read bulleted lists in Word formatted using Hollow Arrow bullets.
• When moving in and out of lists in Word 2013 or later, JAWS now announces list level nesting, for instance, "level 1." In addition, if you press INSERT+UP
ARROW to read the current line on a list item, JAWS now announces position information, for example, "2 of 5."
• If an Excel spread sheet contains multiple regions, addressed a reported issue where JAWS was not reading row and column totals.
• Addressed an issue with the background color not being reported correctly in Excel when using the INSERT+F keystroke.
• Added a new JAWS keystroke, CTRL+INSERT+B, for use in an upcoming release of Skype. Once your version of Skype updates, performing this command activates
the Back button in the active conversation so you can return to the Home screen. If this keystroke is not yet working for you, then your version of Skype
has not yet updated.
• The "Spelling buzzer on mistyped words" option is now available in the Quick Settings for the Windows 10 Mail app.
• Resolved instances where JAWS would randomly say "JAWS visual tracking window."
• Addressed a reported issue where the Language combo box in the Dictionary Manager was not showing all available languages.
• Added support for Google Slides film strip tree views.
list end
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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Should I remove my existing version of JAWS before installing JAWS 2019?
Answer: This is not necessary and many users choose to keep multiple versions on their system. Once you find that you are no longer using the prior version,
and everything is working well with the new version, you may uninstall the old version but do not remove shared components.
Question: If I recently received JAWS 2018, how do I get JAWS 2019?
Answer: If you purchased JAWS 2018 after September 1, 2018, you can download the JAWS 2019 release for free from the Freedom Scientific website. To verify
if you are entitled to the current version, visit the
SMA and Upgrade Pricing
 page and enter your serial number.
Question: If my SMA expires, will I receive a notice?
Answer: Customers in the U.S. will receive notification in the mail shortly after the JAWS 2019 release. The envelope will have a Braille label on the
outside, and it will contain an SMA Renewal letter explaining the process in print and Braille. You can also renew your SMA online using the
SMA and Upgrade Pricing
 page on the Freedom Scientific website.
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