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Stan Bobbitt

I have an HP pavilion laptop from 2012. It's the I7. I didn't have to change the function keys or anything. I'm pretty sure yours is old enough so That you won’t have to either.
Stan B

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Subject: Hp Pavillion function keys

I’m not sure if this is the right list, but I was hoping someone might know the answer to this. My parents have offered me their Hp Pavillion with i7 processor that they no longer use. In return, I have to give them my old laptop. The laptop I will be getting is from 2011. Does anyone know whether I will have to change the function keys in the BIOS or if that unit is old enough that I won’t have to? My Hp is from 2009 and I didn’t have to make this change. I tried to call Hp’s accessibility line to see if they can answer my question, but they don’t answer their phone. I guess I could try sales chat to see if they might know.
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