Re: Setting Default Audio Output in Windows 10

Chris Hill

I don't think you have a windows issue as much as you have a sound driver issue.   If it used to work before and does not work for you now, I'd first try rolling back the sound card's driver in device manager.

Your ultimate solution if you can't roll back the driver is to connect up a bluetooth speaker.  Whenever I turn on my bluetooth headset, the computer automatically switches to it, and all I had to do is pair it once.

On 12/16/2018 20:29, Peter Donahue wrote:
Good evening everyone,

My wife works from here several days a week and uses a laptop supplied by her employer. She uses JFW under Windows 10. I'm not sure which release of Windows 10 is on that machine.

This machine only has one jack for plugging in external audio input and output devices. We have a set of external speakers we like to connect to this machine so the audio from JAWS will be clearer and so the person my wife reads to can hear her better. We hear Jaws just fine through the speaker on the laptop but getting the audio output to come through the exgternal speakers has been a bit of a challenge. Sometimes if the speakers are connected prior to powering this machine on no speech is heard but if they're disconnected she hears Jaws fine.

This afternoon she brought the laptop up to text it to be sure it will be ready for tomorrow. We got Jaws through the on-board speaker fine but not through the external speakers. When I plugged the speakers into the I/O jack a dialogue box came up asking us to choose an I/O setting. Several choices appeared. These included Mic,and line-in. Jaws reported that there were 9 different choices we could choose from. I'm guessing that we should have selected "Line-Out" to push the audio through the speakers when they're connected.
The problem is not with the speakers. I had them connected to another laptop for the past few days and tested them with my cell phone prior to connecting them to the work laptop. We could get audio through external speakers on this machine without trouble just fine but lately they've been rather flakey.

To prevent problems with this issue on this machine and on my new computer I plan to buy next year that will also have Windows 10 installed I want to know which setting must be selected to make audio play through external speakers when they're connected and how to save this choice as the default so Jaws and other audio will be heard through the external speakers when they're connected? Some tips and tricks to help us solve this issue will be very much appreciated.

Peter Donahue

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