Re: problem with the facebook mobile site and jfw

Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Have you tried the regular Facebook site?

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ah, well we need to report that, i don't think they realize they broke it.

On 12/16/18, Astrid van Woerkom <> wrote:
I get the same problem both with JFW and with NVDA, so I’m assuming the
problem is site-related. I will ask my husband, who is sighted, to take a
look later.


Op 16 dec. 2018 om 16:36 heeft Jed Barton <> het
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Hey guys,

So, question. I'm assuming a lot of you use the facebook mobile site.
I'm seeing a huge problem, and wondering if it's site related or
something else. When i go to the mobile site, and click on groups,
none of the groups i am part of show up. All i see is suggested
groups. I'm part of probably 15 to 20 facebook groups on various
topics, but none of them show up. Any ideas?

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