Blue Screen of Death When running JAWS with mapping software #jaws #winten1803


Hello all,

I’m having an issue with JAWS enabled whilst running some mapping software. Every time I try to zoom in to the map, I get a blue screen of death.
I am on Windows 10 update 1803 (OS Build 17134.345).
I have updated all my display drivers and have gotten the newest update of JAWS given to me (Version 2012.1811.2 ILM) and it still seems to occur no matter what.

I am using Intel HD Graphics 4600 display driver.

When I remove JAWS completely from my system, this BSOD does not occur anymore.

I have found users of other applications experiencing the same thing (

I am wondering if this has been reported before here and if not what possible workarounds there might be?
Thank you kindly!

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